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Request a Travel Reimbursement

On this page you will find information about processing travel and expense reimbursements including, how to get access to the Expense Module as well as Job Aids for preparing expense reimbursements for employees, students and non-employees.  On the left side of the page, you will find Travel & Expense Reimbursement Resources including related forms and policies.

How do I get access to create an expense report for someone?

  1. Expense Module Training is required in order to be granted access.  Please contact UPST to set up a training date.  To view scheduled trainings, click the Register for Expense Module Training link on the left side of the page.
  2. A Security Access Request Form must be completed and processed.  If the role is requested prior to training, access will not be granted until the training has been completed.  For more information on requesting access, click here.

Once you have access to the Expense Module see below to process a travel reimbursement for an employee, student or non-employee.


Frequently Asked Questions:

I have access to prepare for an employee, why can't I find them in my list?

The person must be an employee with an active status.  To validate an employee's status and for more information, contact Kim Bucciaglia.

What is Terra Dotta?

Terra Dotta is an online pre-travel registration tool.  It is not a reservation tool, but captures traveler destination and emergency contact information.  For more information, visit the Travel Registration intranet website or send an email to