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PQHS Gratitude Board

  • "The honor of working with colleagues who are intellectually stimulating and have a strong focus on social justice."

  • "The privilege of holding a position for which professional development is an integral part."

  • "I am grateful and so appreciative of the warmth and sense of humor that our PQHS colleagues express in our daily communications."

  • "I appreciate the consistently collaborative nature of our department, with the focus on supporting one another in doing our best work and making a difference."

  • "While my role is focused on a few key tasks, our workplace environment allows it to have a ripple effect to support a bigger picture which hopefully makes a positive difference on how we interact and treat one another in the world."

  • "Our HIV prevention and implementation research with Bahamas Ministries of Health and Education and Thailand Institute of HIV Research and Innovation (IHRI) serve as a prototype for other nations in the quest for elimination of the HIV/AIDS epidemic."

  • "I am truly grateful for the culture of support and understanding in PQHS which has got us through the most trying of times while working remotely during a pandemic.  The last 18 months have been very stressful but having a great team to work with has “lightened the load” and reminded me never to take that for granted.   I am eternally grateful for the leadership and staff here at PQHS!"

  • "I am grateful for such a wonderful group of people I’m privileged to call colleagues.  Our students, staff, and faculty are all members of one collective, dedicated team that is integral to the success of PQHS.  It is a pleasure to work alongside each of you."

  • "I am grateful to work for a department that values their employees and wants them to be happy in their positions and have a good quality of life."

  • "I am grateful to work with colleagues who are doing real-world research and partnering with our local communities to improve the lives of its residents in a real and tangible way."

  • "I find my work in PQHS meaningful because our Department as a whole works to have a positive impact on population health. From a single cell, to a community intervention, to policy implementation, we all have an end goal of truly impacting population health."

  • “I find my work for PQHS meaningful because I can see it making a difference.”