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Single Sign-On

The University of Massachusetts uses Single Sign-on to enable you to login to multiple Enterprise applications with your campus account and password.  Currently, you can use your campus account to login to the following Single Sign-on enabled Enterprise applications:  eCert, HR Direct, BuyWays, Summit and PeopleSoft Finance.

What is Single Sign-on?
The Secure Access Login page enables users to use Single Sign-on (SSO) for multiple Enterprise applications, while in the same browser session.  You no longer have to login to each application separately when using the same browser session. For example, if you login to the Summit application through the Secure Access Login page then choose file new and navigate to the HR Direct link, you will automatically be logged in to the HR Direct application home page.

Note:  Access to applications is based on your campus security. 

Understanding Your Campus User ID and Password
When you click an application link, you will be prompted with the Secure Access Login page.  Complete the following required fields: Campus User ID, Password, and Campus. 

  • The Campus User ID is the same as the campus account name you use to login to your UMass email and/or work computer (i.e. DoeJ). 
  • The Password is the same password you use with your campus account.

Note:  If you change your campus account password, please make sure to use that new password when logging into an application.

  • The Campus dropdown list is used to verify your account.  Just click the dropdown list and select the Worcester value.  

 After your login information is entered, click the Login button.  The application homepage will open.

Can I save the Secure Access Login page as a Favorite?

No.  The Secure Access Login page is not intended as direct access to the SSO-enabled applications. 

 After you login to an application, you should save the Enterprise Application Home page as a bookmark/favorite in your browser. 

What if I forget my Password?
If you forget your password, contact the UMWOR Help Desk at 6-8643.

 I Can’t Login.  Who do I contact?
If you encounter any issues logging in to a SSO-enabled Enterprise application, contact the UMWOR Help Desk at 6-8643.

Logging out of an Application
When Accessing Multiple Applications
Your SSO-enabled Enterprise applications utilize the same account information to login.

When you logout of a SSO-enabled Enterprise application, keep in mind that you will be logged out of all SSO-enabled Enterprise application sessions.  For example, if you are currently accessing HR Direct and Summit, you will be logged out of both when you log out of one.  You can navigate to and from applications without logging out.  Please do not close out of your browser session or click the logout button if you want to continue accessing your SSO-enabled Enterprise applications. 

When Closing Out of All Applications
If you would like to sign out of all SSO-enabled Enterprise applications, please make sure you click the application log out link and close out of the browser to end your session.