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Molecular Biology Core

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The CFAR Molecular Biology Core (Core E), directed by Drs. Maria Zapp and Ellen Kittler, is to serve the research needs of multiple, independent investigators conducting HIV/AIDS research at UMass Chan. The CFAR  Molecular Biology Core provides essential molecular biology reagents, services, facilities, training, and technical expertise in support of basic and clinical HIV/AIDS research programs.

The CFAR Molecular Biology Core also provides added value to the UMass Chan CFAR membership by supporting technology development, educational initiatives, and outreach activities that cannot be easily provided through standard research grants. The Molecular biology Core actively fosters collaboration and communication between basic and clinical HIV/AIDS investigators at UMass Chan.


By design, the Molecular Biology Core is a basic science, service-oriented CFAR Core. Current services include:

  • Provide essential molecular biology reagents, services, and facilities in the most cost-effective and timely manner possible to CFAR investigators at UMass Chan and through collaborations both domestically and internationally.
  • Maintain infrastructure, equipment, and skilled personnel to ensure support services, reagents, and technical resources are readily available to all CFAR investigators.
  • Monitor, identify, and effectively respond to the diverse, changing research needs of multiple, independent basic, or clinical HIV/AIDS investigators at UMass Chan.
  • Support new and existing HIV/AIDS research programs and CFAR-sponsored initiatives by providing technical training, assistance, and expertise.
  • Support CFAR developmental projects, institutional collaborations, and CFAR-initiated outreach activities.
  • Support new investigator and established investigators newly recruited into CFAR research.
  • Participate in CFAR-sponsored mentoring and training of minority undergraduate research interns, visiting medical fellows and graduate students, and other developing scientists.
  • Foster scientific communication and collaborations between HIV/AIDS investigators, other UMass Chan CFAR, UMass Chan Cores, and emerging translational research programs.
  • Foster scientific interactions, and collaborative activities between basic, or clinical CFAR members outside UMass Chan to other National CFAR sites and Industrial partners.

Specific Programs include:

Operation and Maintenance of CFAR-dedicated:
Discounted Regent Programs
HIV- or SIV-specific primer libraries
Real-time PCR [TAQMAN™] Analysis service
DNA plasmid repository
Molecular biology and bioinformatics support resources

Operation and Maintenance of CFAR-discounted :
Custom oligonucleotide synthesis services (click here)
Standard and Econo Sequencing Facility (click here)
Next Generation ~ Deep Sequencing Facility (click here)
DNA Fragment Analysis Facility (click here)

Future developing technologies include:
High throughput RT-PCR [TAQMAN™] gene expression profiling
Bioanalyzer (microfluidics-based platform for the analysis of nucleic acids and proteins)
Qiacube Service (automated nucleic acid extraction service)

Contact the Molecular Biology Core:  Email us 

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