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HIV Viral Replication Scientific Working Group

The objectives of this UMass Center for AIDS Research Scientific Working Group are to foster collaborations and set scientific priorities in studies of the HIV virus replication cycle. Current examples of research priorities are:

  • Pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of HIV in the context of co-infection
  • Assessing the role of HIV viral diversity in drug resistance
  • Role of chromatin structure in HIV latency
  • Elucidating HIV RNA interactions. 


Heinrich Göttlinger

Heinrich Göttlinger, MD, PhD
  Dr. Göttlinger, Professor of Molecular Medicine and Gene Function, is an expert in the molecular biology of HIV viruses, leading the field in HIV viral budding, and studying the role of ESCRT proteins and unbiquitin ligases.


Dr. Clapham, Professor of Molecular Medicine, studies how HIV-1 adapts for replication in different environments and cell types in vivo. He is a leading researcher in HIV-1 envelope biology, receptors and cellular tropisms.   Paul Clapham

Paul Clapham, PhD


Chris Sassetti

Christopher Sassetti, PhD
  Dr. Sassetti, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Early Career Scientist, focuses on tuberculosis pathogenesis. Dr. Sassetti’s research spans many facets of this disease, including bacterial genetics, mechanisms of drug action and resistance, immunity to Tb, and how co-infection with HIV affects both diseases.