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Wilderness Medicine Elective


The rotation must have a minimum of 10 students in order to take place.  The cost depends on the number of participants:

10 students = $2600 ea
11 students = $2400 ea
12 students = $2200 ea

This includes virtually all expenses except for airfare, a dinner or two in between evolutions and for much of the 2 days on our own in Moab. The rest will be all inclusive (transportation, food, lodging, fuel, etc). The only other potential expense is gear. Much of the most expensive items are provided or shared between participants (many own tents and stoves), several of the more expensive and less used items (e.g. ice axe/crampons) can be rented for just the relevant portion of the trip. We realize this isn’t cheap but it’s actually quite affordable when compared to similar courses and trips offered by other organizations.

Alpine scenario 

Student Rosters 

The course is capped at 12 students, although we can take up to 14 depending on the number of available faculty.  The intention is to maintain a 4:1 student-instructor ratio. UMass students are given first opportunity to register, then the elective is available to any and all students from the US or abroad, in their final year of medical school. In most years all interested students are able to be accommodated. Students must be enrolled at an LCME accredited medical school and must be eligible for UMass electives.  The course number is XX-464.





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