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Before your visit

Your visit with us starts before you arrive.

Intake information

Once your appointment is scheduled we will send you an email requesting information about your medical history and insurance coverage. It is VERY important that you send us this information so that we may plan for your visit and ensure appropriate insurance coverage.

Personalized itinerary

Before your scheduled clinic visit, you will receive an itinerary via email from our scheduler. This itinerary is personalized to meet each patient’s circumstance and medical needs. For example, if you need lung function testing, you will get that before you meet with the pulmonologist so when you meet with the doctor you can discuss the test results.

Insurance coverage

On your schedule, each test and appointment will include a CPT code (insurance billing code). When you get the schedule, call your insurance company to see what your financial responsibility will be for each test and appointment. We can find out if these items are covered, but we do not have access to other information that will determine what you end up being responsible for. Even if your visit is covered, you may have a co-insurance payment and/or a deductible that will mean you are responsible for part of the bill.

Questionnaires and other pre-visit “homework”

You will also need to fill out required documents BEFORE you arrive at clinic or your telehealth visit. Please download all required documents by accessing our Patient Portal. To minimize delays:

Please complete and return forms 24hours before your clinical visit to or come to the clinic with the following forms already completed.

You will need Adobe Reader on your device to fill out the forms. Please download Adobe Reader in order to fill out the clinic forms prior to a telehealth visit.

  1. Review of Systems Form
  2. Medication list – bring an updated list of all the medications you take, including prescription drugs, over the counter medicines, and supplements.
  3. Food diary – keep a running list of everything you consume for three days, including description and quantity of all food and beverages.
  4. Strength and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ)
  5. Mental Health Assessments
  6. PODCI Questionnaire

Download Forms