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At your visit

Our schedule

The clinic is held every Wednesday and Thursday. New patients meet with Dr. Wong on Wednesday. Returning patients get their testing done on Wednesday then meet with Dr. Wong and other physicians as necessary on Thursday. Be prepared for a “marathon” multi-disciplinary clinic with a multitude of tests and appointments scheduled for the better part of two entire days. Please arrive well-rested and let us know your travel schedule before you come so we can make sure you won’t miss your flight home.

What to expect while you’re here

While you are at the clinic, several physicians and health care providers will come in to talk with you and your family, so visits tend to be long. Please feel free to bring books, games or activities, and don’t hesitate to bring a beverage and snack, too. We have a fridge that families can use to store fruit, yogurt, cheese, fresh veggies, non-sugary drinks, and other healthy snacks. There is a small coffee/concession area adjacent to the clinic where you can purchase drinks and light refreshments. The hospital cafeteria is 5-minute walk from the clinic. Wheelchairs are available in the lobby of the building where the clinic is located.

Your appointments could run late into the afternoon/early evening, so please take this into consideration when making airline reservations. Last but most definitely not least, do make every effort to arrive on time as late arrivals could throw off your schedule.


When you arrive for your first clinic visit, you will receive instructions to set up an account in MyChart, the secure online system for Epic electronic health records at UMass. We are a paperless clinic, therefore it is imperative to sign up for MyChart, as this is how you will access test results and the doctors’ recommendations for follow ups and regimen changes.