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Laboratory IT Solutions

LabArchives Logo

Data Sciences & Technology is excited to tell you about the new Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) system from LabArchives, LLC.  With our new Medical School Enterprise Site license, LabArchivesis available for FREE for labs and researchers to start using immediately. LabArchives is flexible and intuitive electronic notebook system that supports collaboration, a safe and secure environment to store all of your important research notes, protocols, methodology, and data. Learn more about Lab Archives here.


BioTools logo

BioTools provides access to a suite of 260 web-based sequence analysis and bioinformatics applications. BioTools also provides a portal to other research applications and resources, such as the HPC cluster, at UMassMed as well as at external sites. Archives for several research lists on campus (Biotools, Statistics, and NextGen Sequencing) are posted on BioTools. Learn more about BioTools here.


GraphPad Prism logo

GraphPad Prism combines scientific graphing, comprehensive curve fitting, understandable statistics, and data organization. GraphPad Prism was originally designed for experimental biologists in medical schools and drug companies. Prism is now used much more broadly by all kinds of biologists, as well as social and physical scientists. GraphPad can be installed on both Mac and Windows based computers. Learn more about GraphPad Prism here.


Agilent GeneSpring GX logo

The Agilent GeneSpring GX is a powerful visualization and analysis solution designed for use with genomic expression data. It allows the display and analysis of large data sets on a personal computer. GeneSpring GX 13. includes guided workflows for Agilent SurePrint microarrays, Affymetrix GeneChips, and Illumina Beadchips. GX13 has added a new pathway analysis module. The workflow guides researchers through the analysis steps required for each platform. Learn more about GeneSpring GX here.

About LabIT

Laboratory IT – Solutions & Consulting is a division Data Sciences & Technology. We offer many specialized services to support the variety and uniqueness of the many university laboratories:

  • Research and recommend new software and cloud based technology solutions
  • Collaborate on and help manage projects that help bring in new technologies or enhance old ones for the lab
  • Vendor coordination/management to ensure that the latest software versions are compatible with systems
  • Assist to coordinate legacy instrument support and personal server conversions (local to virtual)
  • Provide customized solutions to Lab Instrument challenges using 3D printing technologies
  • Provide technical expertise and consulting for medical or lab devise design and development

Lab IT can assist you with Workflow/Sample Management, Analysis and Infrastructure. We’ll research and recommend new technologies/tools to secure and enhance your lab operations and performance.

  • Plan the development & deployment of OpenSpecimen sample/trials management management system
  • Data archival, integrity/manipulation and migration to & from systems
  • Data management, analytics and reporting solutions & tools
  • Workflow analysis, process streamlining and automation
  • Collaboration, sharing and enhanced Visualization tools