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Stories of your support

Record number of scholarships established in FY22

UMass Chan Medical School students.

Financial hardship should never prevent a motivated student from pursuing a career in medicine—a belief that runs deep within the UMass Chan Medical School community. Thanks to the generosity of alumni, parents and friends, this year an all-time high of 21 new scholarships were established, surpassing the previous record of 11 set just last year.

Boosting the financial accessibility of UMass Chan helps attract a diverse and academically talented student body that elevates the entire school—and, in turn, the health and well-being of the communities we serve. Students are grateful for scholarship support. In the words of one scholarship recipient:

“Thank you for your generosity, which has allowed me to attend medical school without having to worry about finances. As an individual from a low socioeconomic background, the cost of applying to medical school and the cost of attending medical school were huge barriers that almost prevented me from applying in the first place. I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to begin medical school and am looking forward to serving the Worcester community.” - Priscilla Rojas, Class of 2025

Some scholarship donors are medical school alumni grateful for the support that made their degree possible. Or parents who want to bring the exceptional medical education their child received to other students. Or community members motivated by the exciting medical innovation happening at UMass Chan. Whatever the reason, these donors want to give back—this generous community spirit is what makes scholarships possible.

Below, hear from new scholarship donors on why they decided to support medical students at UMass Chan:

Association of Pakistani Physicians of New England (APPNE) Scholarship

Established by the Association of Pakistani Physicians of New England (APPNE)

“As Board members of APPNE, our membership includes physicians and dentists from all over New England. UMass Chan graduates have always impressed us with their expertise and their compassionate approach to medicine. We also know how difficult it can be to pay for medical school. We hope the scholarship eases some the financial burden on students.”

Rachel Bergeson, MD'78, and Brian Margolis, MD Scholarship

Established by Rachel A. Bergeson, MD'78, and Brian Margolis, MD

"We're both physicians, so we understand how challenging it is to graduate with a medical degree and how expensive it is now. We also know that UMass Chan offers an exceptional medical education. Creating a scholarship fund at the Medical School made perfect sense to us."

Class of 2007 Reunion Scholarship Fund

Established by the T.H. Chan School of Medicine Class of 2007
Reunion Committee Co-Chairs: Mia D. Sorcinelli Smith, MD and Jonathan Tisdell, MD

"The Class of 2007 is thrilled to establish a scholarship fund at UMass Chan. As co-chairs of the reunion committee, it was heartwarming to see our fellow alumni and friends come together as a community. As relatively recent graduates ourselves, we vividly remember the hard work and determination that goes into a medical degree, and we're honored to support future students on their journey to becoming physicians."

Judith and Roderick H. Crocker, Jr., MD'82, Scholarship

Established by Judith Crocker and Roderick H. Crocker Jr., MD'82, FACS

“I had a great experience at UMass and strongly believe that hands-on learning is what sets the Medical School apart. I am grateful to have built close relationships with faculty and classmates and for the financial support that made my education possible. Giving back in this way is important so that future medical students can have the same opportunities to pursue their goals and take full advantage of all that the Medical School offers." 

Richard L. Gold, MD’82, Scholarship

Established by Richard L. Gold, MD'82

“As a UMass Chan alumnus, I'm so grateful for the excellent medical education that I received, which changed my life. I feel strongly that any aspiring physician should have access to an affordable, high quality medical degree program. I'm thrilled to do my part in making the Medical School more financially accessible to students.”

Julian Edelman Memorial Scholarship

Established by Sharon and Reuben Weinstein P'15

"Our family believes strongly in the importance of supporting medical students. Our daughter received an excellent education at UMass Chan, and we feel a student's financial situation should never prevent them from pursuing a medical degree here. This scholarship, established in memory of a beloved family member, is special to us in many ways."

Meara Family Trust Scholarship

Established by Ann M. Meara, MD P’25, and John G. Meara, MD, DMD P’25

"As physicians and proud parents of a UMass Chan medical student, we can attest to the high-quality education offered at the Medical School. We're impressed by the commitment to developing caring, highly competent leaders who are poised to make a real difference in healthcare. Our family is honored to support the inspiring students at UMass Chan through a scholarship fund."

LaCamera Family Scholarship

Established by Deborah LaCamera and Peter P. LaCamera, MD'97

“We understand the role that scholarships play in easing the financial stress of medical school, so establishing a scholarship at UMass Chan was a priority for our family. Our 25th reunion seemed like the perfect time to take this step. We look forward to following future generations of students as they embark on their medical careers following UMass and are honored to play even a small role in their education.”

Joanne McManus Memorial Scholarship

Established by Diana K. McManus, MD'02, and David D. McManus, MD'02 F'08, MS'12

“We felt establishing a scholarship at UMass Chan would be the perfect way to both support students and honor my mother. My mom was an educator, and I was the first in my family to go to medical school. We thought it would be fitting to honor my mom by supporting the education of students who don’t have as much opportunity as others, such as first-generation college students. Our family is also deeply tied to UMass Chan. Diana, my mom and I all received great care here, and Diana and I were both medical students here.”

Panella Family Scholarship

Established by Susan and L. Mark Panella P'22

"We're impressed with the experience that our daughter had at UMass Chan, and recognize how important it is for future physicians to get the top-notch education offered at the Medical School. We hope the scholarship will lessen some of the financial burden on medical students and help them focus on their training."

Philip F. Roy Memorial Scholarship

Established by Jessica Roy and Matthew Templeton

“As a medical social worker with UMass Memorial Health, my father provided compassionate care to countless patients and their families and loved ones, helping them navigate their way through difficult times. We're honoring his legacy through this scholarship, knowing how important this assistance is to medical students and their dreams of becoming physicians."

Michael and Carol Sleeper Family Fund

Established by Carol and Michael Sleeper

“In establishing a scholarship fund, we felt strongly about an initiative that will have a significant, long-term impact. We’ve always been impressed by the Medical School and the focus on primary care. As our son and daughter-in-law are pediatricians, helping future medical students achieve their goals means the world to our family.”

Scholarship Honoring Women in Primary Care Medicine

Established by Donna R. Grogan, MD R'87 P'18, and Paul Grogan P'18

"Given our family's strong connections to Worcester and to UMass Chan, we're proud of the Medical School's continued growth and excellence, particularly in primary care education. We also feel it is so important to give back. Through the scholarship, we want to recognize and honor women primary care providers by supporting the next generation of practitioners."

Jay A. Sorgman, MD'87, Memorial Scholarship

Established by Anthony E. Wilson, MD'90 R'93

"Jay was compassionate and loved giving of himself to help others. He received financial scholarships in medical school and was grateful for the assistance since his family didn’t have the financial resources to help him. UMass Chan provided a strong medical education to Jay and this scholarship is a way to continue Jay’s tradition of giving back to improve the lives of others."

Patricia K. Spencer, MD’77 Scholarship

Established by Patricia K. Spencer, MD'77, and Nicholas Spencer, MD

"Reflecting on my 45th reunion, I'm thankful for the excellent education that I received at UMass Chan, which prepared me for a rewarding career in medicine. I think it's important that every student who wants to become a physician has that chance, regardless of their background or financial situation."

R. G. Vanderweil Jr. Family Scholarship

Established by Anne H. Vanderweil P'12 and Raimund G. Vanderweil Jr. P'12

“Our son graduated from the U Mass Chan Medical School in 2012 and went on to do his residency there. The school delivered an outstanding medical education provided by dedicated faculty and received enthusiastically by the student body.  This institution is a major resource to its students and the people of Massachusetts and beyond.  We hope our scholarship will help make it available to future generations of aspiring doctors.”

Mary Beth Weathersby, MD’79 Scholarship

Established by Mary E. Weathersby, MD'79, and Michael McGill, MD

"I am so proud to be a graduate of UMass Chan Medical School.  As an older student, the basic sciences were challenging.  A frequent sight in the school library in the evenings were basic science faculty doing their own work, but also casting an eye for a student who might want extra help in understanding difficult material.  Those unscheduled ad hoc tutoring sessions were so helpful. Over the years I have reflected on the extraordinary dedication of the faculty to assist students and help ‘all boats to float higher.’ I am so grateful for opportunities like these that allowed me to pursue a satisfying career in emergency medicine."

George MD ’80, and Helen Wilding Scholarship

Established by Helen Wilding and George Wilding, MD'80 R'83

“Helen and I have always been grateful for the education that I received at UMass Chan, which enabled me to build a rewarding career at an academic medical institution. As a first-generation college student from a blue-collar family, the incredible affordability of the Medical School was critical and enabled me to graduate debt-free. Helen and I felt compelled to help give today’s medical students the same opportunities that I had by establishing a scholarship fund, which is directed at students from several communities in Massachusetts that we feel will especially benefit from this support."

Nancy Judge Wood Family Scholarship 

Established by Nancy E. Judge, MD'77, FACOG, and David Baker Wood

“Optimal maternal health care should be an actual, not symbolic, national priority. In celebration of my 45th reunion, I have resolved to support UMass Chan students pursuing careers in obstetrics and gynecology. I was incredibly fortunate to have received my medical student training at UMass (now UMass Chan) and firmly believe in its commitment to developing exceptional, compassionate and dedicated leaders in this essential field."