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Stories of your support

Celebrating over 20 years of scholarship support from the J. T. Tai & Co. Foundation

After topping the $1 million mark in lifetime contributions in fiscal year '19, the J. T. Tai & Co. Foundation continues to generously support scholarships for UMass Chan Medical School students. This year’s gift of $100,000 marks over 20 consecutive years of giving since the foundation’s first scholarship donation in 2000, and it remains the leading single donor to scholarships at the Medical School.

This growing legacy is a testament to the vision of the foundation’s founder, the late Jun Tsei Tai. A world-renowned dealer and collector of Chinese porcelain, Mr. Tai established the Manhattan-based foundation in 1982. Motivated by personal experience, Mr. Tai concluded that one of the best ways to ensure quality medical care was to support medical students financially, making it possible for them to focus on their educational goals.

Over the years, nearly 250 medical students have benefited from J.T. Tai & Co. Foundation scholarship support. The FY 22 class of Tai scholars included 10 students pursuing medical degrees at UMass Chan. All express gratitude to the foundation for easing the financial burden of medical school while they pursue their dreams of becoming physicians.

In the words of just a few students:

Bryce Pepin“To all those involved with the J. T. Tai & Co. Foundation Scholarship, I want to sincerely thank you for your financial support during my medical school training. I have experienced several hardships while training to be a physician and your support was so helpful to make ends meet during this difficult time. You have allowed me to focus on school and apply myself to be a better doctor. I am very appreciative!”

-Bryce Pepin, Class of 2023

Hannah Spalding

“To the donors who make the J. T. Tai & Co. Foundation Scholarship possible- I want to say thank you sincerely. I am an out of state student, so this scholarship goes a long way to help reduce the cost of attendance for my medical school. In my future medical career, I hope to serve communities that have less access to reproductive healthcare and provide these services to make the birthing experience safer for patients and babies. This scholarship has allowed me to openly explore many different specialties with an open mind and find my passion.”

-Hannah Spalding, Class of 2023

Bridget Yan

“Thank you to the J. T. Tai & Co. Foundation who have contributed to my success every year in the last 4 years. I feel grateful every day that I have a chance to pursue my lifelong dream. Without this donation, I would have much more debt and stress. Nowadays, the cost of education for higher degrees is rising, and it’s only through the generosity of donors that I have been able to get where I am today. My parents immigrated here from China to escape poverty and pursue opportunity for my sister and I, and I have been able to seize the opportunities that I have been given only through scholarships. Thank you for your contribution to students like me.” 

-Xinmiao (Bridget) Yang, Class of 2022