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$10,000 - $49,999

Couples with different last names are listed alphabetically according to the second name, e.g., Jane Doe and John Smith will be listed by Smith.

Organizations are listed alphabetically.

Foundation names that include an individual’s name are listed alphabetically by the individual’s last name, e.g., The Jane Doe Charitable Foundation will be listed by Doe.

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  • Anonymous (3)
  • American College of Medical Toxicology
  • American Federation for Aging Research
  • American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
  • Association of Pakistani Physicians of New England (APPNE)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Bafaro Sr.
  • Nancy Dempze P'21 and Daniel Bailey III P'21
  • Martha Leggat and Stephen J. Barr, MD'91
  • Bay State Savings Bank
  • Bonnie and Stanley Beck
  • Herman F. Becker Family Charitable Foundation, Inc.
  • Mrs. Herman F. Becker
  • Laurie and Ted Beneski
  • Jayusia and Alan Bernstein
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
  • Bierman ABA
  • Brigham and Women's Hospital
  • James Broadfoot
  • C. Jean McDonough Revocable Trust
  • Carr Financial Group
  • Dina Cellini and Sean Clancy
  • Maryellen Collins and Michael Collins, MD, FACP
  • Columbia University
  • Judith Crocker and Roderick H. Crocker Jr., MD'82, FACS
  • Crothall Healthcare, Inc.
  • Dawn and Edward D'Alelio
  • Mary Ellen Davis, PhD P'16, and Steven Davis, MD P'16
  • Alfred and Amy Levine Dawson Family Fund
  • Amy and Alfred Dawson
  • Dermatology Foundation
  • Barbara M. Donahue
  • Paula and Richard Donovan
  • Caryn Dowell and Mark E. Dowell, MD'85
  • Drummond Bioconsulting
  • Neal East
  • Exelixis
  • Farrey Family Foundation, Inc.
  • Maria and John Farrey
  • James Finberg
  • Robert Finberg* and Joyce Fingeroth
  • Fiserv, Inc.
  • Mark Fisher
  • Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism, Inc.
  • Foundation for Surgical Fellowships
  • Friends of FSH Research
  • Jane M. Gagne
  • Garner Foundation, Inc.
  • Genentech, Inc.
  • Ben Gerber, MD, MPH
  • Harr Auto Group
  • Cecile M. Hastings
  • Haymakers for Hope
  • William Hearon, Esquire
  • Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute
  • Hereditary Disease Foundation
  • Estate of Alice Hoogasian
  • Hopedale Country Club
  • Tracy Ann and Patrik Jakobson P'23
  • V. Craig Jordan, OBE, PhD, DSc, FMedSci, Hon'01
  • Dana Katz and Matthew S. Katz, MD'97
  • Patricia Kelly and John J. Kelly, MD'92 R'97 F'98
  • Judy and Tony King Foundation
  • Judith King
  • Libby and John Kinnealey
  • Roger Koch
  • Deborah LaCamera and Peter P. LaCamera, MD'97
  • N.R. LaChance Foundation
  • Jill Lang
  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • Joan Lewis
  • Rachel A. Bergeson, MD'78, and Brian Margolis, MD
  • Partners HealthCare Systems, Inc.
  • Massachusetts Association for Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Kerin S. McCarthy, MD'88
  • C. Jean McDonough*
  • William J. McKee Jr. Charitable Foundation
  • Diana K. McManus, MD'02, and David D. McManus, MD'02 F'08, MS'12
  • Ann M. Meara, MD P’25, and John G. Meara, MD, DMD P’25
  • MeiraGTx, LLC
  • Tai and Tom Mendoza
  • Judith Moss
  • Jennifer P. Mullon, MD'91, and Claudy Mullon, PhD
  • Chetna Naimi and Timothy S. Naimi, MD'90, MPH
  • National Tay-Sachs and Allied Diseases Association
  • National Youth Screening and Assessment Partners
  • Jane and Dennis Neslusan
  • New England Region SCCA Road Racing
  • Norma M. Ricci Revocable Trust
  • Northboro Oil Co., Inc.
  • Joe Nuzzy Nozzolillo Memorial Foundation
  • Gary R. Ostroff, PhD
  • Pacific Coast Reproductive Society
  • Pansies for Progress
  • Georgia and Anastasios Parafestas
  • Parkinson's Foundation
  • Pediatric Dermatology Research Alliance
  • Eileen A. Pekarev, MS'08, RN, and Maxim Pekarev, MD F'13
  • Penta Foundation
  • Precede Consortium, Inc.
  • Protector Group Charitable Foundation Inc.
  • Joan Putterman
  • Nagarani Chandika and Anil Rao
  • Regan P. Remillard Foundation
  • Reliant Foundation
  • Norma M. Ricci Revocable Trust
  • Paul C. and Gladys W. Richards Charitable Foundation
  • Ann R. Rittenhouse, PhD
  • Carol and Kenneth Rock
  • Rockwell Roofing, Inc.
  • Mathew Forbes Romer Foundation Inc.
  • Kenneth Sadowsky
  • Liisa K. Selin, MD, PhD
  • Sirnaomics Inc.
  • Skin of Color Society
  • Carol and Michael Sleeper
  • Patricia K. Spencer, MD'77, and Nicholas Spencer, MD
  • Michael Spielman
  • Rebecca Chung-Hui Yang, PhD, and Ulrich Stern, PhD
  • Table Talk Pies, Inc.
  • Tacere Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Jessica Roy and Matthew Templeton
  • Toyota Dealer Match Program
  • Regina Tsanotelis P'15 and Nicholas M. Tsanotelis, MD'82 P'15
  • Mary M. Tse, MD'77
  • Rossella Tupler, MD, PhD
  • University of Delaware
  • United States - Israel Binational Science Foundation
  • Vascular & Endovascular Surgery Society
  • Carol and Joseph Vicidomino
  • Linda Vitone and Edward Vitone Jr.
  • Sharon and Reuben Weinstein P'15
  • Helen Wilding and George Wilding, MD'80 R'83
  • Anthony E. Wilson, MD'90 R'93
  • Nancy E. Judge, MD'77, FACOG, and David Baker Wood
  • City of Worcester
  • Worcester State University

This list reflects gifts made to UMass Chan Medical School between July 1, 2021, and June 30, 2022.

NOTE: As of Sept. 7, 2021, which is in FY22, UMass Chan Medical School is now UMass Chan Medical School, thanks to a transformational gift. 

*  deceased in FY21

Cumulative lifetime giving of $1 million and above

Cumulative lifetime giving of $100,000 to $999,999

●  Hudson Hoagland Society   

Leadership donor (cumulative gifts of $1,000+ to one or more Annual Funds)

 Dean's Council

◈ 30+ consecutive years of giving

♦  20+ consecutive years of giving 

◇ 10+ consecutive years of giving

□  5+ consecutive years of giving