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  • Fred Ayres

    Fred Ayres , MD

    Hometown: Southfield, MI
    College:  Wesleyan University
    Medical school: University of Michigan Medical School
    Anesthesiology interests:  chronic pain, cardiac
    Outside interests:  Peloton, reading, writing, electric vehicles, philosophy 
    Why UMMS: The balanced intern year, robust mentorship, strong sense of community, opportunities for medical education, and comprehensive training!

  • Malavika Chandrashekar

    Malavika Chandrashekar , DO

    Hometown: Holden, MA
    College: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
    Medical school: Kansas City University
    Anesthesiology interests: interventional pain management, regional anesthesia
    Outside interests: reading thriller novels, running/exercise, spending time outdoors
    Why UMMS: I had a wonderful experience during my away rotation here at UMass. I felt that this program offered excellent training opportunities due to the high volume and diversity of cases seen across the campuses everyday. Moreover, everyone I interacted with was very inclusive and supportive of learning. 

  • Ella Connolly

    Ella Connolly , DO

    Hometown: NYC
    College: McGill University
    Medical School: University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
    Anesthesiology interests: Cardiac anesthesiology, regional anesthesia
    Outside interests: Yoga, running, biking, hiking, backpacking, baking
    Why UMMS: I chose UMass Chan Medical School because during my interview and visiting student rotation I was impressed by the strong sense of community and emphasis on education. During my visiting student rotation, residents and faculty were eager to teach, learn about my goals, and even tailored the rotation to accommodate those goals. This demonstrated investment in my education even before becoming a resident. In addition to this, Worcester provides an opportunity for me to pursue a number of different hobbies during my free time. 

  • Zaineb Dar

    Zaineb Dar , MD

    Hometown: Sharon, MA
    College: Northeastern University
    Medical school: UMass Chan Medical School
    Anesthesiology interests: Pediatric anesthesia, obstetric anesthesia, and pain medicine
    Outside interests: Cooking, hiking, spoiling my cat Mickey, spending time with family, going to bubble tea cafes with friends, learning classical Arabic
    Why UMMS: As a graduate of UMass Chan Medical School, I knew that my home program fit all the criteria I was l looking for in a residency program: large academic level 1 trauma center with high clinical acuity and case volume, diverse patient population, close proximity to my family, and  small class size with a supportive, family-like culture.   

  • Yifan He

    Yifan He , MD

    Hometown: China
    College: UC San Diego        
    Medical school: University of Iowa  
    Anesthesiology interests: Ob anesthesia, pain management
    Outside interests: 
    hiking, traveling, snowboarding, baking
    Why UMMS: medium class size and collaborative culture, clinical excellence with a wide variety of cases

  • Austin Klein

    Austin Klein , MD

    Hometown: Philadelphia
    College: Pennsylvania State University  

    Medical school: Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
    Anesthesiology interests:  Cardiothoracic (especially TEE), new perioperative technologies/start-ups, policy and regulation
    Outside interests:  Hiking, Dog Training, Frisbee, Sitcoms, Origami, Travel
    Why UMMS: I chose UMass because it’s a welcoming, family friendly program with excellent clinical exposure and diverse patient cases. Plus Central Massachusetts is a great place to be, with east coast cities and beautiful mountains close by!

  • Abhinav Prasad

    Abhinav Prasad , MD

    Hometown: Fremont, CA in the SF Bay Area
    College: Boston University ‘17
    Medical School: UMass Chan School of Medicine ‘23
    Anesthesiology Interests: I am interested in anesthesia critical care but am excited to gain experience in all aspects of anesthesiology in the next few years.
    Outside Interests: Enjoy playing tennis, going on road trips, and drone photography
    Why UMass: As a UMass Chan graduate, I valued the emphasis on student and resident education. The anesthesiology department is comprised of folks who sincerely enjoy teaching and instilling confidence. I look forward to working with and inspiring future anesthesiology applicants!

  • Julia Waldman

    Julia Waldman , DO

    Hometown: New Milford, CT
    College: University of Connecticut
    Medical school: Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine
    Anesthesiology interests: Cardiothoracic Anesthesia and Critical Care
    Outside interests: Boxing, spending time outside, taking long walks, trying/cooking new foods, playing guitar
    Why UMMS: 
    My interview experience at UMass was exceptionally positive! All the folks I interacted with were kind and professional, and the culture within the department seemed supportive and inclusive. Overall, everyone seemed happy to be there! My goal was to complete training at an academic institution, and I felt UMass would provide excellent academic support and clinical exposure.