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Contact to connect to individual residents.

  • Apurva Anand

    Apurva Anand, MBBS

    Hometown: Nagpur, India
    Medical school: Indira Gandhi Government Medical College 
    Post graduate training: King Edward Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, India  Anesthesiology interests: Pediatric Anesthesia, Regional Anesthesia, and Acute pain 
    Outside interests: Crossfit enthusiast, Gardening, Hiking, and spending time with family and friends  
    Why UMass Chan: The breadth of clinical experience, diverse patient population, and the program's continuous support for the residents.
  • Alexander Ciaramella

    Alexander Ciaramella, MD

    Hometown: Revere, MA
    College: Northeastern University
    Medical school: St. George’s University
    Anesthesiology interests: Pediatric anesthesia and quality improvement
    Outside interests: In my free time I like spending time with family, cooking, working out, traveling and going hiking. 
    Why UMass Chan: I chose UMass because of the amazing interview day I had. Even via Zoom, it was apparent how nice all the attendings were and how much I would enjoy learning Anesthesia at this program. UMass is a top tier medical center and I have no doubt will train me to become a top tier anesthesiologist.
  • Huy Doan

    Huy Doan, DO

    Hometown: Vietnam

    College: University of Utah

    Medical school: Kansas City University 

    Anesthesiology interests: Cardiac or Chronic pain

    Outside interests: Paddle Boarding, Hiking, Cooking, VR Meta Quest games, Artificial Intelligent, PathomaAstronomy. 

    Why UMass Chan: Supportive faculties, excellent clinical training, inclusive working environment, plenty of opportunities to grow, strong relationship between residents. 

  • Laura Ketigian

    Laura Ketigian, DO

    Hometown: Garden City, NY
    College: SUNY Binghamton
    Medical school: New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine
    Anesthesiology interests: Undecided!
    Outside interests: Travel, Golf, Tennis, Hiking, Ukulele 
    Why UMass Chan: My interview with UMass Chan displayed the type of friendly and welcoming environment I knew I wanted to be a part of. As a larger academic center, UMass had everything I was looking for, from research and teaching to excellent clinical exposure and diverse patient cases. 

  • Zoe Lazarus

    Zoe Lazarus, MD

    Hometown: Chappaqua, NY
    College: Tufts University
    Medical school: Stony Brook University School of Medicine
    Anesthesiology interests: OB Anesthesiology
    Outside interests: Painting, pottery, kayaking
    Why UMass Chan: I knew immediately that I wanted to go to UMass Chan from interview day! There’s such a strong feeling of community and friendship among the residents and with the faculty, a wide variety of cases, and I loved the small city vibe in Worcester.

  • Kelsey Preston

    Kelsey Preston, MD

    Hometown: Juneau, Alaska
    College: University of Vermont
    Medical school: University of Vermont College of Medicine
    Anesthesiology interests: Critical Care, Regional Anesthesia
    Outside interests: Ice hockey (goalie), skiing, cooking, hiking + camping, throwing pottery, and traveling abroad
    Why UMass Chan: I chose UMass because I felt an instant connection with the staff and residents and found an inclusive and collaborative culture that would support my learning experience. I felt it was important for me to train in a program where the patient care and clinical experience are exemplary while still being in a supportive and comfortable environment. 

  • Dannah Rae Sajorda

    Dannah Rae Sajorda, DO

    Hometown: Bronx, NY
    College: Stony Brook University
    Medical school: NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine
    Anesthesiology interests: Perioperative Medicine, Interventional Pain Management, Regional Anesthesia
    Outside interests: Aerial/circus arts, yoga, language learning, interior design, road trips exploring nature and city scenes, casual gaming on Nintendo Switch
    Why UMass Chan: Three things (1) reputation (2) location (3) interaction with staff during my interview. UMass Memorial has a strong reputation in the Northeast, and my goal is to get trained in an academic program with exposure to a wide variety of complex cases. Having grown up in NYC, I am also able to appreciate the fact that Worcester’s patient population is ethnically diverse due to the large diaspora of immigrants. Central Massachusetts is also close to home and other nearby cities – Boston and Providence. Lastly, I had a good experience during my interview with UMass Anesthesia. The program provides support and fosters growth for its residents.

  • Flavia Silva

    Flavia Silva, MD

    Hometown: Recife - Brazil
    College:  University of Pernambuco - Brazil
    Medical school: University of Pernambuco - Brazil
    Anesthesiology interests:  Pediatric Anesthesia and Transplant Anesthesia
    Outside interests:  During my free time I enjoy playing sports and spending time with my family. 
    Why UMass Chan:  UMass is known for its supportive environment, diversity, and outstanding clinical experience. During the interview, I knew UMass was the right place for me; l felt comfortable and like I belonged.