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Our research is focused on utilizing artificial nucleases for efficient targeted genome editing.
Engineering programmable nucleases for the targeted cleavage of a single site within a vertebrate genome for gene therapy applications:

  • We are particularly interested in engineering Cas9 systems with improved precision and targeting range - see Nature Methods paper.
  • A small writeup of this new technology can be found at UMassMed Now.

Applying programmable nucleases to interrogate gene regulatory networks - Dendritic cell project.
Applying programmable nucleases to understand the influence of chromatin architecture on transcriptional activity - 4D Nucleome project.
Applying programmable nucleases to understand latent HIV genome structure for nuclease-based erradication- HIV project.

Recent Publications and Reagents

The Cas9-pDBD plasmids from our CRISPR-Cas9 Nature Methods paper are distributed through Addgene.

The dCas9-effector plasmids from our CRISPRe Development paper with the Maehr lab are distributed through Addgene.

The Omega-based B1H binding site selection system Is being distributed through Addgene.

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