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RNATx Symposium Policies

Meeting Policies and Terms

Meeting Attendance Etiquette/Registration and Other Terms and Conditions

  • Registration entitles you to permission to attend the meeting conditioned upon you not engaging in conduct that interferes with the opportunity for others to attend, enjoy, and derive value from the meeting. Attendees who the RTI determines in their discretion are disruptive to speakers, staff, or other attendees are subject to having their registration and permission to attend the meeting immediately revoked, without refund of their registration or abstract submission fees. Please view our Anti-Harassment Policy for more detailed information.
  • You may participate in the RNATx 2021 meeting by audio and video, or by video only. If you participate visually and/or vocally, your image and/or voice will be received and available to all participants and you are agreeing that your image and/or voice may be used at any time without further notification in RTI emails or websites.
  • The RTI policy prohibits video capture, screen recording, and audio recording.
  • Once registered, you will receive login information prior to the meeting that can be used only by you. Each person registering will be able to log on, view, and when available to participate in the RNATx 2021 sessions. You do not have the right to share your login information for use by others.
  • By participating in any sessions, your name, contact information, any additional information you choose to share, and - if your camera is on - your image, will be visible and available to attendees and exhibitors. If you attend any exhibitor sessions including tech talk showcases, click on exhibitor banners, or visit virtual exhibit booths, your contact information will be shared with those exhibitors.
  • Proprietary information is expected to be presented and shared at the meeting. No one is permitted to misappropriate or misrepresent somebody else's data as their own.
  • By registering, you are agreeing to comply with the RTI's policies and rules.

Social Media Policy

The RTI encourages the use of social media before, during, and after the 2021 RNATx Meeting. Note the following guidelines and accepted social media etiquette.


  • Follow us on Twitter @UMassMedRTI. Use the hash tag #RNATx2021 for meeting-related tweets.
  • Follow us on Facebook at
  • Blog and tweet about the meeting and what you are hearing
    and seeing (but without sharing details of any data presented).
  • Provide feedback to staff and the Program Committee—discuss
    topics of interest and/or speakers for next year’s symposium, comment on the meeting format, etc.
  • Keep criticism constructive, and think about whether you’d like
    your thoughts shared widely—because they might be.


  • Use photographic or other recording devices, including video capture, screen recording, screenshots, audio recording, or taking pictures of speakers and their slides without consent of the speaker.
  • Capture, transmit, or redistribute data presented at the meeting—this may preclude subsequent publication of the data in a scholarly journal.

Speaker/Presenter Disclosure

Views expressed by speakers at RNATx 2021 are solely the views of the speaker. They do not necessarily represent the views of the RTI. The RTI makes no representation concerning, and does not guarantee, the source, originality, accuracy, completeness, or reliability of any statement, information, data, finding, interpretation, advice, opinion, or view presented by any speaker or poster presenter.

Embargo Policy

All posters and oral presentations at the RNATx 2021 Symposium will be embargoed until the date and start time of their presentation at the meeting and/or until the consent of the author to report said findings is given. This means that press registrants MAY NOT PUBLISH any information about work being presented at the meeting UNLESS AND UNTIL the start date and time of that presentation AND WITH the express consent of the author. Likewise, no screen shots or images of research presentations may be included in such reporting. Approved images should be obtained directly from the author. The RTI aims to encourage presentation of the latest findings and enable responsible and quality reporting of those findings by press in attendance. This policy helps ensure that all reporters have access to the same, up-to-date, and complete information when researching and writing their articles and that information regarding research presented at our meeting is not published prior to the presentation