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What We Offer

DRIVE members offer regularly scheduled core-skills workshops, grand rounds presentations, and direct consultations with individuals to achieve these goals. Topical workshops are currently in development to further faculty’s success in applying skills to small group, individual, laboratory, and bedside teaching. Workshops can be tailored to meet group, team or departmental needs. Additionally, DRIVE has created a Curriculum Appraisal Tool (CAT) to enable faculty to create inclusive and appropriate educational materials to be presented in a supportive learning environment. The CAT is divided into six sections which align with institutional objectives, and each section addresses several key concepts with relevant probing questions and examples, as well as best practice and thought exercises. The Lamar Soutter Library curates an interactive library guide with expanded appraisal tools and linked resources. The initiative also offers an anonymous reporting tool to encourage feedback and promote institutional learning.  

To learn more about our current schedule of events, please visit the program/session links on the left navigation of this page.

Anonymous faculty member: “Great workshop! I thought the updated curriculum appraisal tool, workshop discussion topics, and overall format of the session were helpful, engaging, and impactful. Thank you!”

UMass Chan Faculty member: “This was really enlightening, and I will take advantage of other DRIVE forums/workshops.