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Our Impact

Amplifying the impact of the Community Feedback Tool

The DRIVE Community Feedback Tool provides all members of our community with a mechanism to communicate directly with DRIVE
(either anonymously or confidentially as chosen by the user). No identifying information is required to fill out the form.
*Charts shared below reflects data from the most recent annual report

  • 70% of feedback is received anonymously. We are revising the form and process to encourage people to share contact information confidentially so that we can following up regarding questions and close the loop regarding specific outcomes.
  • 79% of feedback is DRIVE related. We are revising the form and process to direct people with other concerns to appropriate submission mechanisms for feedback related to Title IX, appropriate treatment of learners or other diversity issues.
  • Feedback by School
  • All feedback is coded by DRIVE faculty according to the relevant Curriculum Appraisal Tool Category(ies) to help understand areas of need for additional resources and outreach.