Cores of Wellstone


Administrative Core A

The Administrative Core A provides financial management and facilitates communications to support the research of Center investigators and trainees through web conferencing, maintaining a website, and organizing annual meetings and retreats, including the FSHD Patient-Researcher Networking meeting. The Administrative Core partners with FSHD patient advocacy groups, particularly the FSH Society, to organize meetings, facilitate patient-scientist communication, and encourage patient participation in research and clinical trials. The Administrative Core is located at the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine (UMMS), and is staffed by a Center Administrator, Patricia Dolan, responsible for financial management, and Debra Manseau, who provides administrative support for all Center activities, including retreats and internet conferences.

Education and Training Core B

The Education and Training Core B oversees the training of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and clinical fellows, providing opportunities for FSHD lab and clinical research, career mentoring, meeting presentations, patient education, paper preparation, and bioethics training.

Cell Core C

The Cell Core C has generated and maintains a large and unique repository of FSHD biomaterials that have been the primary resource for all Center projects, including blood, muscle and muscle cells derived from biopsies. Blood and muscle biopsies of deltoid and biceps muscles were collected from over 30 FSHD families of FSHD affected and unaffected control individuals. Core C also provides bioinformatics support to all projects, under the leadership of Dr. Oliver King.

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