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Head-Cancelled Virtual Reality for Rehabilitation of Ocular Cranial Nerve Palsies

Virtual Reality Headset demonstrationPeople with ocular cranial nerve palsies due to Stroke, MS, or other neurological disorders typically have reduced ability to move an eye. This causes double vision and visual confusion. Eye patching, prism lenses, and surgery are often recommended, but these do not help the recovery of the affected eye muscle. Kevin Houston, OD, is conducting a voluntary research study to evaluate a new ocular exercise program that utilizes virtual reality to strengthen the affected ocular muscle. 

Vision Reality based game to tracy eye turning movement in rehabilitative therapy Vision rehabilitation therapy through vision based game to increase eye turning movements over time
The video game-based rehabilitation treatment is
designed to accommodate the loss of eye movement through the increase of head movements. 
The study will compare and quantify
the patient's head-turning movements
to track and record eye-turning improvements over time.