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Craniofacial Scan Prototype

Visual Neuro-rehabilitation
is a focus within the Neurological Rehabilitation and Recovery Center within the Department of Neurology focusing on restoration and rehabilitation measures in neurological disease. 

Research studies in the Vision Rehabilitation Laboratory include development of new prosthetic and assistive devices, and evidence-based therapies to promote visual system recovery


Visual Diagnoses Under Investigation:

 - Outcomes of low vision visual neurorehabilitation
Spatial neglect and left hemispatial neglect 
Prism Adaptation Therapy 
 - P
aralytic storabismus
 - Homonymous Hemianopia
 - Perceptual motor training 
 - Peripheral prisms
 - Virtual Reality Headset Based Oculomotor Rehabilitation
 - Visuomotor adaptation for treatment of hemianopiato prismatic visual field expansion
 - Magnetic Levator Prosthesis for Severe Paralytic and Neuromuscular Blepharoptosis (drooping eye lids)
 - Visual impairment Magnetic Actuators for Restoration of Ocular Movements
 - A magnetic prosthesis for VI nerve palsy
   (crossed eyes). 


Clinical Trials for prosthetic devices
for ocular re-animation

Re-Animation of Eye Study:
Re-Animation regarding Eyelid in Ptosis, bidirectional eyelid, and extraocular muscles.

HMD Device Study:
Contact Lens HMD device for low vision

Driving Study:
Driving with Dry AMD and Ring Scotoma

Virtual Reality for Rehabilitation Study:
Head-cancelled virtual reality for rehabilitation of oculomotor paresis after stroke

Virtual Reality Study:
A novel split-prism for vision-related mobility problems post stroke 

Computer Vision-Aided App Study:
Computer vision-aided mobile tablet examination apps to improve tele-medicine for eye care

Collaborator Studies:

The visual neurorehabilitation and restoration care provided by the Visual Rehabilitation research and treatment services partners with the Right Brain Treatment studies conducted by the Barrett research team. 

  • Right Brain Rehabilitation research team 

  • Neurological Rehabilitation and Recovery clinic 

  • Neurological Rehabilitation and Recovery fellowship