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Karen Devereaux Melillo, PhD, MS, BS

UMass Lowell

Conceptual Interests

  • Gerontological Nursing & Gero- psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
  • Nurse Practitioner Role in LTC
  • Cognitive Health
  • Wandering in Dementia
  • Health Promotion - Physical Activity and Exercise in Older Adults, and Older Latinos specifically
  • Increasing Nurse Practitioner Preceptor and Faculty Capacity
  • Implementation and Evaluation of a Dedicated Education Unit in Long-term Care
  • Bring Diversity to Nursing: Recruitment, Retention, and Graduation of Diverse Nursing Students
  • A-GNP and Geropsychiatric Mental Health Nursing Competencies
  • Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) for Health Disparities Reduction

Population Interests

  • Older Adults, including older Latinos
  • Nurse Practitioners in Primary Care
  • Economically- and Educationally-Disadvantaged Groups Typically Underrepresented in Nursing
  • Community-dwelling and institutionalized older adults

Methodological Interests

  • Quantitative secondary data analysis
  • Qualitative research, including focus group, key informant interview methods
  • Survey research
  • Systematic reviews and evidence-based research practice guideline development
  • Evaluation research
  • Case study research