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Lab News

8/31/2023 - Alexia Barcus joins the lab as a technician working on the DP2 project. Welcome to Alexia.

7/14/2023 - Now for some of the most exciting news of the past four years: Summer arrives at UMass Chan Medical School to begin reopening the lab!! I am amazed that we made it. Driving across country with three kids under five is not recommended.

5/2023 to 7/2023 - Goodbye to some amazing lab technicians who have supported our lab for multiple years. Caleb was with us for four years, first as an undergraduate and then as a technician this past year. Claire was with us for two years. Morgan was with us for one year, but it was a great year! Their contributions were invaluable, we will miss them all very much, and I wish them all the best of luck in their next steps.

10/04/2022 - News article about our new funding from the NIH:

1/11/2023 - Summer goes on maternity leave for baby 3!! See you in a few months.

7/27/2022 - Goodbye to Emma Torija. She is off to her top-choice graduate school, UofA, where she is joining the Jenny lab to study environmental impacts on freshwater mussels. We will see her again at her impending goodbye party. Good luck, Emma!!

7/14/2022 - Welcome Morgan Klein, a new technician. Morgan is taking a gap year while applying to programs in genetic counseling.

5/6/2022 - Goodbye to Will Gannaway. He is off to his top-choice medical school, University of South Alabama, where we are sure he will do great things and will become a fantastic doctor. We are looking forward to his impending goodbye party and we wish him the best of luck!

4/30/2022 - Congratulations to the undergrads Caleb Calhoun and Mandy Chen on their graduation! Welcome to Caleb as our newest technician.

4/14/2022 - Ari Ginsparg passes his qualifying exam with flying colors.

4/6/2022 - Welcome Jaqueline Martinez, an undergraduate researcher and technician. Jaqueline plans to stay with us for a gap year after she graduates in December.

2/14/2022 - Dr. Anna Moyer joins us for her postdoc, using zebrafish to better understand and ultimate treat Down syndrome.

12/23/2021 - We have been slow to update the News section lately, but a lot has happened. We have welcomed Mary Shay Capps, first as a Masters student and now as a Researcher III, and Brandie Cline, as a Researcher III and our new lab manager.

7/23/2021 - Goodbye to our MSTP rotation student, Madeline, and to our summer REU students. The lab was busy this summer, and we had a great time!

7/13/2021 - Welcome to Emma Torija, our third research technician.

7/9/2021 - Goodbye to Michael Vivian. Mike has been an invaluable part of the lab as an undergraduate and research technician. We are excited to see him go off to graduate school for Neuroscience at Brandeis University. Goodbye also to Verdion Martina. Verdi was also invaluable to setting up the lab as the first Thyme lab research technician. Verdi is sticking around UAB as a graduate student in CDIB. We hope to see him still and wish him the best of luck!

6/15/2021 - Summer is named a 2021 Pew Biomedical Scholar: and

6/14/2021 - Welcome to Claire Conklin, our newest research technician, and Madeline Ragland, an MSTP rotation student.

6/7/2021 - Welcome to our summer REU students: Ishaan Patel (virtual Rosetta intern), Debriana Scroggins (SURE-GM), and Katelle Donkor (PARAdiGM). Welcome back to Lynne Zhou (UAB undergrad in the summer Neuroscience Honors program).

6/1/2021 - Welcome to Will Gannaway, our newest research technician.

5/13/2021 - Summer speaks at the ZDMS virtual seminar series. Come check out some of our latest work!

4/14/2021 - Congratulations to technicians Verdion Martina and Mike Vivian for their grad school choices. Verdion will attend the UAB CMDB program and Mike is off to the Brandeis Neuroscience program.

3/1/2021 - Summer goes on maternity leave for baby 2!! See you in a few months.

1/11/2020 - News article about the new lab and recent Klingenstein-Simons award:

10/05/2020 - Summer is awarded a Mallinckrodt grant:

8/27/2020 - Summer is awarded a BBRF NARSAD Young Investigator Award.

8/6/2020 - Summer is named a Klingenstein-Simons Fellow:

3/9/2020 - Ari Ginsparg (GGB) officially joins the lab.

2/8/2020-2/11/2020 - Summer attends Winter RosettaCON.

1/29/2020 - Summer is named a UAB Pittman Scholar.

1/27/2020 - The lab is awarded a pilot grant from the CCTS Therapeutic Advancement Initiative.

1/15/2020 - Welcome to new undergrads Mandy Chen and Sindhu Dwarampudi.

1/6/2020 - Ari Ginsparg (GGB) and Jordan Whitlock (GGB) start their rotations.

12/30/2019 - Mike Vivian joins the lab as a computational technician.

12/7/2019-12/15/2019 - Summer goes to ACNP and the SE Zebrafish Regional Meeting.

10/24/19 - Welcome to Cammie Crowder, an IRACDA-MERIT postdoctoral fellow who is collaborating with the Thyme lab and PMI.

10/24/19 - Welcome to our new undergrads Caleb Calhoun, Harlee Dwyer, Kristie Muya, and Lynne Zhou.

10/24/19 - UAB news article published about our work:

10/24/19 - Summer speaks at UAB Pathology Grand Rounds (West Pavilion Conference Center Rm E).

10/3/19 - Summer speaks at the Comprehensive Neuroscience Center retreat.

9/17/19 - Summer speaks at Birmingham SCI Cafe (John’s City Diner at 6:30 PM).

8/26/19 - Gretchen Kioschos joins the lab as a Research Technician.

8/19/19 - Verdion Martina joins the lab as a Research Technician.

8/19/19 - Emma Jones (GBS Neuroscience) starts her rotation.

8/14/19 - Mike Vivian joins the lab as an undergraduate researcher.

7/23/19 - Summer speaks at UAB Vision Research Center.

7/1/19 - The lab opens.