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Graduate Students

  • Yeonhee Cho

    Yeonhee Cho

    PhD Graduate Student

    To unveil roles of neutrophil in alcoholic hepatitis pathogenesis/progression. Neutrophils are not only playing as the first line of defense system against invading microorganisms but also regulating inflammation by recruiting other immune cells including monocytes and macrophages. I'm studying to describe disease specific neutrophil phenotypes, and their effects on monocyte and macrophage differentiation.

  • Patrick Lowe

    Patrick Lowe

    MD PhD Graduate Student

    Patrick’s research explores alcohol’s effect on the Gut-Liver-Brain axis and the role of innate immune signaling in these organs. He has analyzed the content and the role of the gut microbiome in alcoholic liver disease and neuroinflammation in mice. He also investigates the mechanisms and consequences of peripheral immune cell infiltration into the liver and the brain. Patrick is using these data to target particular pathways in order to reduce alcohol addictive behavior.