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Dr Szabo

Welcome to the Szabo Lab!

Our lab seeks to understand the molecular mechanisms involved in inflammation and immune signaling in the intestines, the liver and the brain. We are particularly interested in pathways regulating organ dysfunction along the gut-liver-brain axis caused by alcohol or by high fat Western diet. We study innate immune signaling pathways, such as inflammasome signaling, to understand the role of innate immune cells in disease. We use techniques ranging from gross anatomical observations in model organisms down to the basics of immunology, molecular biology and biochemistry. We have also expanded our research from beyond the bench and into the clinic with ongoing clinical trials targeting the critical pathways we have identified in the laboratory. Ultimately, our aim is to reduce the overall medical burden caused by alcohol or a high-fat diet and to better understand the underlying mechanisms that contribute to disease.
The Szabo Lab is part of the Department of Medicine. Clinical partnerships with the Division of Gastroenterology support our ongoing clinical research.

Gyongyi Szabo, M.D., Ph.D.
Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research Chair
Associate Vice Provost for Interprofessional Education in Research
Associate Dean for Clinical and Translational Sciences
Director MD/PhD Program
Professor and Vice Chair for Research

** Highly motivated rotation students and postdoctoral candidates are encouraged to apply by sharing their research proposal to Dr. Szabo at **