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UMass Sustainability Policy Principle

The University of Massachusetts Sustainability Policy reuires the UMass campuses to integrating sustainable best practices for the use and maintenance of campus fleets, student/employee commuters, and public transportation options.

Support of Sustainable Transportation

UMass Chan Medical School estimates greenhouse gas emission associated with commuting is 50,000 MTCO2e representing approximately 1/3 of GHG emissions attributed to UMass Chan Medical School. 

To help reduce GHG emissions associated with commuting, the Medical School continues to support electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Currently UMass Chan has (2) single head level II chargers, (4) dual head level II chargers, (3) Tesla level II chargers, and (6) Level I outlets to support EV charging on campus. 

Developing Partnerships

UMass Chan Medical School recently partnered with MassEvolves, an organization which helps companies and institutions in meeting zero emissions vehicle goals by providing resources, sharing experience, and mentoring. 

Planning for the Future

UMass Chan is undertaking the development of a comprehensive sustainability and climate action plan in which transportation is one of the focus areas. This will include looking at opportunities to transition fleet vehicles to electric vehicles, reduce single occupancy trips to campus, and much more. 

Have an idea of how to make transportation at UMass Chan more sustainable? Let us know at