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Grounds & Biodiversity

UMass Sustainability Policy Principle

The University of Massachusetts Sustainability Policy requires the UMass campuses to adopt sustainable campus operations including grounds management as well as to sustainable water and food systems. 

Support of Sustainable Grounds

In July 2019 three second-year T.H. Chan School of Medicine students started a community garden as part of their Capstone project, enabling them to continue expanding the garden and developing related educational initiatives throughout their time at UMass Chan.

Developing Partnerships

In 2019 UMass Chan Medical School partnered with the Regional Enviromental Council, a food justice organization in Worcester, MA which provides resources to support the UMass Chan Sutdent Garden and other community gardens locally. 

Planning for the Future

Grounds and biodiversity is one of the focus areas of the sustainability and climate action plan that UMass Chan is currently undertakingwith support of consultant GreenerU. Through this process key stakeholders will work to evaluate ways to integrate sustainability best practices into grounds use and management at UMass Chan Medical School.