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Climate & Energy Systems

UMass Sustainability Policy Principle

The University of Massachusetts Sustainability Policy requires the UMass campuses to support the development and use of clean and renewable technology and integrate sustainable building operation and design into the campus. 

Support of Sustainable Energy Systems

UMass Chan Medical School participates in three solar net metering contracts. These projects include a 2.5M-DC array in Palmer, MA, a 6MW-DC array in Warren, MA and a 2.1MW-DC project in Williamsburg, MA. The net metering contracts have achieved a significant cumulative cost savings of $3.9M. While the environmental attributes of this power were not retained by the Medical School, these projects serve as an example of investment in renewable energy by the University.

Developing Partnerships

UMass Chan Medical School is an active participant in the Massachusetts Leading by Example (LBE) program. LBE works with state agencies and public colleges to reduce the environmental impact of state government operations. Through LBE grant funding UMass Chan was able to evaluate the feasibility of battery intergeneration in our central plant to increase resilience and reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with grid peaks. 

Planning for the Future 

UMass Chan Medical School, with help of consultant GreenerU, is in the process of developing a comprehensive climate action and sustainability plan for campus. This includes evaluating current greenhouse gas emissions and developing strategies to meet climate action goals set through the Carbon Commitment and Executive order 484

Have an idea of how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at UMass Chan? Let us know at