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The mission of the N3Lab at the University of Massachusetts is to understand the specific brain network dynamics underlying normal and pathological states. To this end our efforts are focuced on identifying cellular and ultrastructural characteristics of the mammalian cortex in epileptogenic zone. The studies of structure and form are tightly connected to functional studies on the specific dynamical changes in the cortical network oscillations with specific attention to high frequency (100-500 Hz) band of the human intracranial EEG. 

Our studies on the form and function of the human neocortex include these research goals: 

  • Determine patterns of HFO network connectivity using intracranial EEG in patients undergoing epilepsy surgery.

  • Identify the “anticipation period” between initial changes of network wide HFO dynamics and seizure onset.

  • Identify the response of network wide HFO dynamics to pharmacological and electrical stimulation interventions in patients undergoing intracranial EEG monitoring. 

Read more about our research program on this site and consider participating in and supporting our studies.
Feel free to reach out to us with questions and comments.
Phone: (508) 334-5785