All users of the RLASTIC Core Facility with live animals are required to obtain animal use approval from the UMMS IACUC. Users are also required to obtain UMMS Radiation Safety Committee approval unless the studies are to be performed by Core staff. On rare occasions, certain UMMS investigators with proper training will be allowed to operate the NanoSPECT/CT and PET camera especially in off hours. The Pearl and IVIS 100 optical cameras are user friendly and are generally operated by the user after brief training.

To help ensure the microbiological integrity of our research colonies, all investigators are prohibited from personally bringing animals from an external facility (e.g., academic institution, private research organization, or animal breeder) to UMMS for any purpose, including use of the RLASTIC Core Facility. Without exception, animals entering UMMS from outside institutions must satisfy Animal Medicine animal purchase and import requirements. Outside organizations may be asked to purchase animals through the UMMS Department of Animal Medicine, using UMMS approved animal vendors, for delivery directly to the UMMS Department of Animal Medicine animal facility. Alternatively, animals entering UMMS may be subjected to quarantine prior to research use.

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