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About Us

Led by Drs. Ann Marshak-Rothstein and Kerstin Nündel, the Rothstein-Nundel Lab is located on main campus in the Aaron Lazare Research Building. Learn more about our research.

Ann Marshak RothsteinAnn Marshak-Rothstein, PhD
Professor of Medicine
Division of Rheumatology

Kerstin NundelKerstin Nündel, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Division of Rheumatology

Our current lab members are:

  • Kevin Gao, MD/PhD student

  • Kaijuan Hao, PhD student

  • Kristy Chang, PhD student

  • Sharon Subramanian, Research Technician

  • Melissa Strauss, Research Technician

  • Sruthi Takillapati, Research Technican

  • Arko Bhattacharjee, Rotation Student

Join our Lab

scientist in labJoin us!  Postdoctoral and research technician positions available! Please send CV and a list of 3 references to Dr. Ann Marshak-Rothstein or Dr. Kerstin Nündel.