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Osteoporosis Clinical Care

In addition to the usual means of referral into a clinic, through direct outreach to primary care providers, identifying individuals in the hospital with hip and vertebral fractures in real time, as well as utilizing the strengths in digital health at UMass Chan Medical School, individuals at the highest risk of future fracture can be identified and invited into the clinic. Following an appropriate clinical assessment, therapies with the greatest ability to lower future fracture risk can be discussed and initiated in a coordinated and efficient manner. In addition, with select primary care practices, we are piloting bringing this specialized care directly to those practices and therefore closer to home for our patients through the use of clinic ‘champions’ who practice with the oversight of faculty in the Divisions of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism, and Rheumatology.

View the UMass Memorial Health Osteoporosis and Bone Density site here.

Osteoporosis clinical care providers recently recognized for their work:

  • Krista Sabina, NP, and Meridith Malysz, NP, winners of the 2023 UMass Memorial Health AP Council Group Award

  • Megan Brouchu, PA-C, winner of the 2022 UMass Memorial Health AP Council Paulette Seymour-Route Exemplar Award