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Core Sony SH800 (BSL-2⁺/BSC) Cell Sorter

Sony SH800 Cell Sorter (BSL-2+/BSC) 405/488/561/633 (Co-linear lasers)

Core Sony SH800 Cell Sorter

Sony SH800 BSL-2+/BSC Lasers/Filters

The Sony SH800 cell sorter in it's own Baker BSC. It is also housed in our BSL-2+ room in the flow cytometry core's BSL-2+ lab. The SH800 is confugured with 4 lasers with 6 parameters, currently utilizing 70µ and 100µ disposable sorting chips and capable of 2-way sorting. Please keep in mind that the lasers on the Sony are co-linear and fluoresence overlap cannot be separated (i.e. Pe-Cy7 and APC-Cy7 are collected in the same channel). This sorter is available for self-sorting for investigators who have completed the training session described on our training page.