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Core and LRB BD LSRII Cytometers

Core and LRB BD LSRIILRB Satellite Lab

LRB Satellite LabLRB LSRII A-4 laser "Uncle  Fester" Fluorochome Selection Guide

Core LSRII A-5 laser "Donald" Fluorochrome Selection Guide

Core LSRII B-3 Laser "Daisy" Fluorochome Selection Guide

The LSR II is a digital multiparameter flow cytometer analyzer. It features the Digital DIVA hardware and software. 

There is one LSRII housed in the Lazare Research Building; LRB LSR A (4B 2V 2R 2UV) "Uncle Fester" has 4 lasers and 10 fluorescent detectors. This LSR II's is primarily for investigator performed analysis and can be used after completing training from the core facility.

The core facility (S5-322) LSR II B-3 "Daisy" (4B 5V 3R) has 3 lasers and 12 fluorescent detectors and is also available for investigator preformed analysis after training.

The core facility LSR II A-5 "Donald" (2B 5V 3R 3UV 5YG) has 5 lasers and 18 fluorescent detectors and is frequently reserved for core facility analysis, but experienced investigators are allowed to reserve time after 5:00 PM, or anytime "same day" when available.