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Core "2" Aria IIu (BSL-2+/BSC)

Core (BSL-2+/BSC) BD FACS 2-Aria IIu Cell Sorter 2B 6V 3R 5YG in BSC

 BDFACSAria in Baker Bioprotect BSC

 Core (BSL-2+/BSC) BD FACS 2-Aria IIu Fluorochrome Selection Guide

The BSL-2+ BD FACSAria Cell Sorter is housed in a Baker BioProtect biosafety cabinet and is located in the flow cytometry core's BSL-2+ lab. The BSL-2+ lab is located in room S5-318 and is accessed through the main core lab at S5-322. This FACS Aria is configured with 4 lasers, with 2 parameters on the blue laser, 6 parameters on the violet laser, 3 parameters on the red laser, and 5 parameters on the yellow-green laser.  This sorter is available for self-sorting for investigators who have completed the training session described on our training page.