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The photos shown below are a sample of our completed projects and demonstrate some of our capabilities and use cases. Please feel free to reach out to learn more about what we have worked on.

Gel Comb (1).png

Gel Combs: Custom laser cut gel combs can be designed to fit your specific applications while also significantly cheaper than commercial products. Made from Delrin which is higher strength than traditional acrylic and prevents breaking of the teeth.

Camera Mount.pngCamera Mount: Suction cup camera mount enclosure to minimizes glare and enable real-time remote monitoring of lab automation robots.

Lab Rotator.png

Laboratory Rotator/Mixer: Cost-effective 3D printed laboratory rotator/mixer.

Lab Rotator.gif

12-Channel Aspirator Attachment.png

12-Channel Aspirator Attachment: This aspirator attachment can clean well plates significantly faster than with a single channel aspirator.

Calcaneus Fracture: 3D segmented and printed calcaneus fracture from a CT scan for preoperative surgical planning.

Centrifuge Tube Holder.png

Centrifuge Tube Adapter Insert: These 3D printed custom adapter inserts are used to hold 12x75 mm, 5 mL tubes within an Eppendorf Centrifuge.

Mouse Arena.png

Mouse Arena: This arena was created for monitoring mice and their behaviors within a confined space with no corners to hide in..

Water Bottle Holder.png

Water Bottle Holder: Water bottle holder allowing easy fixation to container for mouse experiments related to the understanding and treatment of alcohol addiction.

Mouse Wheel.png

Mouse Wheel: When brain imaging mice, the mice tend to run and shuffle their legs in midair. The mice can now run on the wheel allowing stabilized imaging.

Stereo Camera Mount .png

Stereo Camera Mount: Designed a case to mount a stereo camera on a tripod- used to map facial movements during CT scans for post-scan image correction.

Well Plate Attachment.png

Well Plate Attachment: This custom microscope attachment can hold up to 6, 29 mm glass-bottom dishes which allows imaging of 6 samples at a time reducing the procedure from 6 hours to 1. The third-class levers on the side of the attachment act as a compressive spring keeping the attachment secured to the microscope platform.