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Welcome to 3D Printing

We are extremely excited about our ability to bring new and innovative 3D Printing tools and technologies to the UMass Chan Medical School.

Our 3D Printing facility provides expert technical support and services to transform your imagination and ideas into functioning 3D models.  We have many examples of how we can deliver affordable solutions to your research.

 Example projects and capabilities:

  • Computer-aided design (CAD) support and consultation 
  • 3D anatomical modeling from CT and MRI scans for educational and clinical application such as preoperative surgical planning
  • Standard or custom gel combs costing significantly less than through laboratory equipment suppliers
  • Cost-effective 3D printed laboratory rotator/mixers
  • Time saving 12-channel aspirator attachments
  • Centrifuge adapters accommodating more samples and thus increased throughput
  • Standard or custom well-plates & well-plate covers
  • Customized hardware to meet your specific requirements & experimental needs
  • We can help you build open source DIY tools and save you money

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