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Expert Control Review Request

Review Checklist

Note: all questions are required

Does your project:

1. Involve travel or transporting data, materials, equipment, software or technology to a foreign country during the course of the project? *
2. Restrict project participation (faculty, student, others) based on country of origin or citizenship? *
3. Involve specific access and dissemination restriction (e.g., restriction of participation by foreign nationals, or restrictions of publication including reporting of research results) or restriction of presenting at conferences? *
4. Involve equipment, software, chemicals, bio-agents, or technology designed or modified for military use? *
5. Involve research containing source code for encrypted software (other than publicly available software)? *
6. Include funding from an external sponsor? *

If you answered NO for question #6, please continue to question #11, otherwise please answer the following questions:

7. Involve a foreign sponsor?
8. Involve a sponsor that is a defense agency or contractor?
11. Involve the PI or any research personnel providing data, services, conducting transactions or traveling to embargoed/sanctioned countries? *
12. Will your project involve activities by a UMass Chan employee and/or UMass Chan contracted party in a foreign country? *

See list of sanctioned countries List: 

See the Department of State Country Policies and Embargoes List: 


I certify that I understand and will comply with all applicable export control laws and regulations as described at: