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The publications listed are those since 2003 related to monarch butterfly migration. A full list of publications is here. Please note that the available publications listed below are for personal use and not for further distribution. All applicable copyright claims remain with the authors and publishers.

Hana S, Guerra PA, Sauman I, Reppert SM. (2020).  A re-evaluation of silk measurement by the cecropia caterpillar (Hyalophora cecropia) during cocoon construction reveals use of a silk odometer that is temporally regulated PLoS ONE 15:e0228453. (link & PDF)

Reppert SM, de Roode JC (2018).  Demystifying monarch butterfly migration. Curr Biol 28:R1009-R1022. (link & PDF)

Guerra PA, Reppert SM. (2017). Dimorphic cocoons of the cecropia moth (Hyalophora cecropia): Morphological, behavioral, and biophysical differences. PLoS ONE 12:e0174023. (link & PDF)

Shlizerman E, Phillips-Portillo J, Forger DB, Reppert SM. (2016). Neural integration underlying a time-compensated sun compass in the migratory monarch butterfly. Cell Rep 15:683-691. (link & PDF)

Markert MJ, Zhang Y, Enuameh MS, Reppert SM, Wolfe SA, Merlin C (2016). Genomic access to monarch migration using TALEN and CRISPR/Cas9-mediated targeted mutagenesis. G3 6:905-915. (link & PDF)

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Zhan S, Zhang W, Niitepõld K, Hsu J, Haeger F, Zalucki MP, Altizer S, de Roode JC, Reppert SM, Kronforst MR (2014). The genetics of monarch butterfly migration and warning coloration. Nature 514:317-321. (Link) (PDF) (News & Views)

Guerra PA, Gegear RJ, Reppert SM (2014).  A magnetic compass aids monarch butterfly migration. Nat Commun 5:4164. (Link) (PDF) Editor's choice in Nature and Science.

Guerra PA, Reppert SM (2013).  Coldness triggers northward flight in remigrant monarch butterflies. Curr Biol 23:419-423. (Link) (PDF) (Supplemental) (Dispatch)

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Guerra PA, Merlin C, Gegear RJ, Reppert SM (2012). Discordant timing between antennae disrupts sun compass orientation in migratory monarch butterflies. Nat Commun 3:958. (Link) (PDF)

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Zhu H, Gegear RJ, Casselman A, Kanginakudru S, Reppert SM (2009). Defining behavioral and molecular differences between summer and migratory monarch butterflies. BMC Biol 7:14. (Link) (PDF) (Minireview

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