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Monarch Watch: An educational outreach program based at the University of Kansas, engaging students and citizen-scientists in large-scale research projects on the monarch butterfly. Their website provides extensive information on monarch biology and conservation, as well as an email discussion list and community forum.

Journey North: Through this online educational project, students share field observations with classmates across the continent to track the migration of monarch butterflies. Their website aggregates news and educational materials related to monarchs. 

Monarch Monitoring Project: A research and education program focusing on the fall migration of monarch butterflies along the Atlantic coast. 

Monarch Joint Venture: Monarch butterfly news and resources provided by the University of Minnesota. 

Monarch Larva Monitoring Project: A citizen-science effort based at the University of Minnesota that tracks larval monarch populations and milkweed habitat in order to better understand the dynamics of monarch populations. 

Project MonarchHealth: A project based at the University of Georgia, enlisting volunteers to track the spread of a protozoan parasite through monarch populations in North America by sampling wild monarchs.

CAnMove: CAnMove is a center of excellence for trans-disciplinary research on the causes and consequences of animal movements.