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Meet Our Fellows

Fellows PGY4

 Name: Hoang-Oanh Doan, DO
 Medical School: Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences, Washington
 Residency: Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education, Pennsylvania

Why UMass?: “I chose UMASS for its collegiate environment, not only among the fellows and attendings within the Nephrology Department, but also with other staff and providers in the hospital. The nurturing environment is balanced with the robust learning environment. Here, we are given the freedom to focus on our areas of interest, but there is also an expectation for us to do well. I believe that the UMASS Nephrology Fellowship will train me to become a competent clinical nephrologist and a leader in field my someday. I have been here for 2 months now, and I am excited to continue my education here for the next 2 years. This is truly a great place to learn. You will also enjoy this area if you are into the outdoors- it is near great hiking trails, beaches, and ski slopes!"

 Name: Hima Doppalapudi, MD
 Medical School: Avalon University School of Medicine, Curaçao
 Residency: McLaren Macomb/Michigan State University Program

Why UMass?: “As much as I love the west coast, I have found myself moving further and further east with every step of my training and loving every stop along the way. I have always found myself drawn to nephrology throughout medical school and residency, which led me this far out to the East coast. After my interview at UMass, I felt as if I would be right at home here. You could probably find me honing in on my amateur painting skills or trying out new food in my spare time. I am excited to start this new chapter as a nephrology fellow here at UMass.”

 Name: Luis Antonio Caraballo, MD
 Medical School: Universidad Iberoamericana, Dominican Republic
 Residency: Kendall Regional Medical Center, FL

Why UMass?: "If we look at ourselves retrospectively, we realize the building blocks of who we are and how we function are a composition of our surroundings, both environmental and human interactions. This concept crosses into my professional career choice. I started developing interest in management of electrolytes and acid-base disorders during my second year of residency. The physiological building blocks of every organ system relies on the biochemical basis of the renal function. This led me to seek a fellowship in nephrology, and with much research, ultimately UMass. As aforementioned, we are a reflection of our surroundings. The kind nature of my mentor’s approach to patient care at UMass, the tranquility felt with each outdoor activity, and the endless complexity of the medical cases here will further build the type of physician I strive to be."

Fellows PGY5

  Name: Arun Chutani, MD
  Medical School: Mahatma Ghandi Medical College and Hospital, Jaipur
  Residency: Mercy St Vincent Medical Center, Toledo OH


Why UMass?: Before joining Medicine I spent a considerable amount of time learning Physiology, which paved a natural interest in Nephrology. The physiology of salt and water homeostasis fascinates me perennially. To facilitate and nurture my academic interest, I was looking for the right place which would provide broad patient exposure and promote learning in a collegial environment which I found at UMass. The academic atmosphere at UMass resonates with my intellectual/ scholarly pursuits. UMass Nephrology program  has the precise blend of work-life balance which a trainee/ fellow can aspire for. The work climate is harmonious and promotes learning in a stress free milieu . The faculty is very supportive and camaraderie is great. Worcester is a place which reminds me of the town I grew up in; not as fast as a metropolitan and not completely laid back or sluggish either. It is buzzing with activity all the time and feels lively. Worcester and UMass is the combination that I was looking for.

 Name: Satyaki Chakrabarty, MD
 Medical School: Calcutta National Medical College, India
 Residency: St Elizabeth Medical Center Tufts School of Medical Boston MA
Why UMass?:

I grew up in the city of Calcutta, famous for its food, cinema and colonial charm. I have always been passionate about internal medicine and nephrology. The physiology behind renal medicine and its various intricacies is particularly fascinating for me. In my spare time, I enjoy soccer, photography and traveling. I look forward to exploring New England during my stay in Worcester. This has been a great experience so far. The collegial atmosphere along with an intellectually stimulating environment is what makes this program stand out. I could not be more excited about continuing my fellowship here at UMass.”

 Name: Michelle Thomas, MD
 Medical School: UNV of the West Indies faculty of Medical Sciences, Jamaica
 Residency: Harlem Hospital Center, New York, NY

Why UMass?: "I have never been to New England prior to coming for my nephrology fellowship, so I had no idea what to expect. I remember the first day I walked through the doors of Umass Worcester, the genuine smiles and constant wiliness to assist me was something that gave me comfort and a sense of peace. At this institution, I guarantee you that you will be well trained in the field of nephropathy. The excellent teaching and encouragement to excel stands out at UMASS. You are not only encouraged by the staff to pursue further academic learning but also to venture out on your free time to explore what Worcester has to offer. I remember getting tons of ideas from my attendings on things to do, and with a good work-life balance, this is possible. I have done so many first-time events like kayaking, attending the Worcester Caribbean American Carnival and watching a Woosox baseball game …Go Woosox!! Just to mention a few. I can truly say that my decision to pursue a fellowship in nephrology at Umass, Worcester was one of the best decisions I have made."