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Oliver J. Rando, MD, PhD


Research Focus: The Rando Lab studies the role of epigenetic inheritance in programming health and disease.

Scientific Training: Dr. Rando was an undergraduate in Tom Maniatis’ lab at Harvard, where he worked on the role of the proteasome in activation of NF-kB. He then carried out an M.D./Ph.D. at Stanford in Jerry Crabtree’s lab, working on chromatin remodeling and T cell activation.  He launched his independent career as a Bauer Fellow at Harvard, working on chromatin structure and function in budding yeast, and on paternal dietary effects in mouse. He joined UMass Chan in 2007, where over the years his lab has worked on a variety of topics in the fields of gene regulation, chromatin architecture, epigenetic inheritance, and reproductive biology.

Office Location: LRB 906
Lab Location: LRB 940 A-C; LRB 970 X-Y
Phone: 508-856-8879

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