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Puig Lab News

September 2023

We are hiring! 

Are you interested in Neuroscience? Do you want to work on a significant research topic in a supportive and collaborative environment? Please contact us to join or apply to the following open positions!

We also have postdoc positions available – contact Dr. Stephanie Puig at

July 2023

We moved! The Puig lab is now at the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School in the Departments of Psychiatry and Neurobiology. Exciting times!

January 2023


December 2023

Check our latest review on the involvement of RTKs in Mu-Opioid receptors signaling and how they are mediating side-effects!

diagram summarizing research article

November 2022

Congratulations to Dr. Stephanie Puig, for being selected for a lightning talk to NeuroBoston 2022!

October 2022

The Puig Lab is attending the JAX course on Machine Learning. Excited to learn about automated/unbiased methods to examine animal behavior. 
Taught by the very best! Begining of Collaborations with the Kumar Lab at JAX!


Really intense #DEI discussion led by @IshmailSaboor @StefPuig @RahulPatel411 @AnnaIntegrated at the #JAXbehavior course.

Panelists stand at the front of the room while a group of people watch attentively

September 2022

Honored to co-author new preprint of comprehensive mapping of Wnt and Fzd receptors in mouse liver suggesting functional zonation.
Study led by @Neuro_Jenesis and @zfreyberg, read here!

August 2022 New publication, exploring sex and circadian gene interactions on fentanyl-mediated side-effects! Sex‚Äźspecific role of the circadian transcription factor NPAS2 in opioid tolerance, withdrawal and analgesia!

  New paper from a collaboration with the Seney lab! Sex differences and brain region differences in the transcription profile of isolated microglia! Click here to read more. 

July 2022

Congratulations to Dr. Luca Posa, Postdoc, for winning the best Poster award at INRC 2022 in Valencia, Spain!

  A scientific poster presenter engaging with a small crowd of people, who are pointing at images on the poster.