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Community Resources

Cultural Brokers in Worcester:

Assist and advocate for appropriate care for immigrant status families & culturally diverse families:

Interviews discussing perception of Autism in Brazilian, Latino, and African  families & communities:

  • Marcia Fontes, LICSW, Pediatric BH Consultant

  • Hilda Ramirez, Executive Director, Latino Education Institute

  • Kaska Yawo, Executive Director and Co-Founder of African Community Education Program

  • Culturally diverse families are community oriented - more trust in each other than in clinicians
  • Delivery of care needs to be oriented to better serve diverse communities
  • Utilize interpreters as much as possible – accessibility of language is one of the biggest barriers for families
  • Have translated material ready to give to parents/families - build toolkits to properly educate parents
  • Reach out to community Cultural Brokers whenever possible – brokers are able to advocate for the community and provide resources and assistance to families

On-going projects to assist the community and families:

Latino Education Institute:

  • Empower parent model: provide parents with education and resources to make them health ambassadors Promotoras de Salud
  • REACH Initiative: training individuals outside of the community as health care ambassadors
  • Department of Public Health Project on Social Determinates of Health

Autism Alliance of Metrowest:

  • Support group for Brazilian families with a child who has an Autism diagnosis
  • 1881 Worcester Rd #100a, Framingham, MA 01701

Community Resources Document - Additional helpful resources that participants in the A.N.C.H.O.R group have shared over the course of the training sessions 

Information on Public Charge:

Information about the Public Charge Rule

Worcester County Resources for Food Insecurity:

Worcester Food Insecurity Resources, UMass Chan.pdf

Worcester WIC: Visit the WIC website to find more information on locations and services in the community! 


Click here for more information on the WIC Program!


Worcester WIC Referral List:


    • Head Start Program - 508-799-3225
    • Childcare Resources - (They help to subsidize childcare for eligible families) - 508-856-7930  
    • Worcester Comprehensive Childcare Services - 508-852-3792  
    • Rainbow Child Development Center - 508-791-6849  
    • YMCA Childcare - 508-852-6694  
    • Children's Corner Child Care Center - 508-832-5417  


    • Thom Worcester Area - 508-752-8466  
    • South Bay - 508-559-0473  
    • Criterion Worcester - 508-770-0089  
    • Pernet Family Health - 508-755-1228  
    • Family Ties of Massachusetts - 1-800-905-8437


    • 712 Plantation street, Worcester - 508-835-4278

MA Act Early YouTube Series:

This series addresses skills-based training curriculum, Considering Culture in Autism Screening, an interactive, case-based training about culturally competent screening, evaluation, and referral to intervention services for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and developmental disorders (DD). The training materials focus primarily on the screening and identification needs of families of young children with ASD/DD from immigrant backgrounds. 

Follow the links below to view resources from the MA Act Early website


Autism Speaks Website for Non-English Resources:

  • Non-English Resources provides families with translated information
  • Information on what to do after an Autism diagnosis