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UMass Pancreatic Cancer Symposium Presentations November 9, 2011

Please Note: The information presented in these slides represents the opinion and intellectual property of the individual speakers. These slides are meant for informational purposes and should not be interpreted as medical advice or used/reproduced without permission. Please consult a doctor for any individual questions, symptoms, or issues.

The symposium videos are also available online at: Symposium part 1 Symposium part 2 Symposium part 3

The UMass Memorial Approach to Pancreatic Cancer Care
Terrence Flote, MD

Pancreatic Cancer 101
Giles Whalen, MD

Gail Allen Memorial Keynote Address- "Advocacy and the Future of Pancreatic Cancer"
Julie Fleshman, JD, MBA

What's the Cutting Edge- Pancreatic Cancer Research in Lay Terms
Melissa Murphy, MD, MPH; Brian Quattrochi; Jillian Smith, MD, MPH

Engaging the Community Around a Cause
Audrey Kurlay-Marcy

Nutrition, Wellness and Well-being in Cancer and Caregiving
Mary Sullivan, RN, DNP