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Choosing UMass Memorial

Importance of an Experienced Surgeon

A number of studies have shown that surgical volume (the number of pancreatic resections a center performs each year) is a strong predictor of patient outcome.

Recent research from UMass Memorial published in the August 2007 issue of the Annals of Surgery, has demonstrated the importance of having pancreatic surgery at a high volume center like UMass Memorial. Dr. Tseng and Dr. McPhee reported on the recent national trends for pancreatectomies. They found the overall in-hospital mortality rate to be 5.9% for all pancreatic resections for neoplastic disease and that this rate had significantly decreased over time. Additionally, they found after pancreatectomy, in-hospital mortality correlated inversely with volume. High-volume centers had a crude mortality rate of 2.4% compared with 9.2% for the low-volume group.
High volume centers were defined in this study as centers performing more than 18 pancreatectomies per year.

Perioperative mortality for pancreatectomy: a national perspective. Annals of Surgery. 246(2):246-53, 2007 Aug. McPhee JT, Hill JS, Whalen GF, Zayaruzny M, Litwin DE, Sullivan ME, Anderson FA, Tseng JF.


Why should I select the Multidisciplinary Team at UMass Memorial?

The UMass Pancreas Program integrates experts in the fields of basic research, clinical research, pathology, radiology, medical, radiation and surgical oncology, gastroenterology, psychology, palliative care, and clinical nutrition to provide patients and their families with comprehensive care in a user-friendly environment.

To be seen at the clinic, simply call our coordinator Susan Prunier at 508-334-5274 or email and she will act as a liaison between you and the various disciplines.