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Ongoing Funding

Together we can make a difference

Ongoing Funding

Evans Pancreatic Cancer Research Fellowship
(sponsored by Gail Allen/SYSCO and Sean Griffin/PFG)
Recipient Melissa Murphy MD, MPH 2007-2009

Karen Sweeney Polkinghorn Pancreatic Cancer Research Fellowship
Recipient Jessica Simons, MD 2007-2009

Linda J. Verville Research Fellowship
Recipient James E. Carroll Jr, MD 2008-2010

Recipient Liza Ragulin-Coyne, MD, MPH, 2010-2012

William D. Maney Research Fellowship
Recipient Jillian K. Smith, MD, MPH 2009-2011

Maney Lunch

Howard Hughes Medical Institute - Early Career Award
Recipient Jennifer Tseng MD, MPH

Pancreatic Cancer Alliance Scholar
Recipient Jennifer Tseng MD, MPH
Recipient Elan Witkowski, MD, 2011-2012


American Surgical Association
Recipient Jennifer Tseng MD, MPH

American Cancer Society - Mentored Research Scholar Grant
Recipient Jennifer F. Tseng, MD, MPH

Basic Science Funding
Basic Science Investigators including Dario Altieri, MD and Brian Lewis, PhD, are funded by multiple grants from agencies including:

National Institutes of Health
Pancreatic Cancer Alliance
Brian Lewis, PhD is a 2009 recipient of the
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network-AACR Pilot Grant. The grant supports his innovative research of "Involvement of miRNAs in Kras-Induced Pancreatic Tumorigenesis."