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UMass Pancreatic Cancer Symposium

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The UMass Pancreatic Cancer Symposium occurs each November in recognition of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month. Attendees include medical professionals, patients, and family members who are eager to learn more about ways to improve care for pancreatic cancer patients.

Many participants commented that they would like to have online access to the information presented. On the following pages we have recapped the day’s events and made each of the presentations available for your review. Please plan on joining us every November for the latest information on pancreatic cancer care and research. 

Please Note: The information presented in these slides represents the opinion and intellectual property of the individual speakers. These slides are meant for informational purposes and should not be interpreted as medical advice or used/reproduced without permission. Please consult a doctor for any individual questions, symptoms, or issues.

Please contact us at or 508-856-8663 if any questions. We look forward to seeing you in November at the next UMass Pancreatic Cancer Symposium.