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Introduction: Neher Model

Introduction: Neher Model

Because a large number of housestaff teach, increased formal instruction in teaching methods enables residents to be more effective teachers, and increases enjoyment in teaching.

The five-step microskills model of clinical teaching (Neher & Stevens, 2003) consists of the following five step sequence. The intent of the sequence is to optimize the benefit of the teaching encounter, even if it is terminated early. Though each preceptor-resident encounter will vary according the needs of the resident and the case, the model is designed to limit the encounter to five minutes or less. Please read The one-minute preceptor: Shaping the teaching conversation before beginning this module.

The five-step model is as follows:

The Five-Step Microskills of Clinical Teaching

Neher J, Stevens, N G (2003). The one-minute preceptor: Shaping the teaching conversation. Family Medicine, 36 (6); 391-393.