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New collaborative project to understand retinal disease

Date Posted: Monday, May 29, 2017

Dr. Hemant Khanna (UMass Chan Medical School) and Dr. Mahesh Shivanna [Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) University, School of Optometry] have been awarded a collaborative Special Intramural grant from the MCPHS University.

The title of the project is: Influence of Photoreceptor Dysfunction on Inner Retinal Neurons in a Mouse Model of X-linked retinitis pigmentosa. This project focuses on evaluating changes in the whole retina of animal models of inherited human blindness disorders. Such knowledge will identify appropriate stages of the disease that can be efficiently targeted for treatment.

Dr. Hemant Khanna & Dr. Mahesh Shivanna
Dr. Hemant Khanna (left) and Dr. Mahesh Shivanna