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Dr. Asdourian photoThe University of Massachusetts Medical School Department of Ophthalmology strives to provide our medical students with the finest education in the field of ophthalmology. Our goal is to inspire incoming students in the beautiful specialty of ophthalmology early in their school coursework. Our world-class faculty will be providing lectures and workshops throughout the curriculum.

Ophthalmic education is becoming an integral part of medical student education at the UMMS. The Department of ophthalmology at the UMMS provides comprehensive ophthalmic education to medical students starting year one through four:

First-year students begin their ophthalmic education in an introduction to anatomy and physiology of the eye.

Second-year students are exposed to clinical skills and learn the basics of ocular examination and ophthalmology.

Third-year students start our FCE program and are encouraged to participate in one to two weeks of clinical and research rotations.

Fourth-year students are invited to participate in Specialized Clinics rotations trough two to four week introduction to ophthalmology electives.

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